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About Us

Thanks for stopping by and WELCOME to Natural Spice Co!

Hi, I'm IREENE a Health Coach for decades having consulted with thousands of people across the globe, about what it really, really  takes to live a life of health and wellbeing. 

My focus in particular has been around weight loss as around 70% of the population are considered overweight or obese…and it's on the rise!

The reasons are due to a few factors:

1. Busy lifestyles which can be a juggling act, causing temptations to opt for fast-food quick fixes which lack nutrition;

2. Inconsistent Health Goals as eating good foods such as meats, salads and vegetables on their own, can taste bland and boring;

What I'm truly passionate about, is bringing your awareness to the increased amount of MSG, volume fillerspreservatives and anti-caking agents (aka CRAP!) the big guns are placing in our everyday foods, basically making people fat …and sick! 

In the last 50 years alone, as the population has increased, did you know more than 75,000 additional chemicals have been added to our everyday foods? 

This is to create shelf-life longevity to cater for the population masses and it’s causing more and more weight gain, gut intolerances, allergies & skin conditions… just to name a few!

Big Corporations have stripped out the goodness and quality in foods and have no consideration for the food process… nor the human consumption!

Ireene Siniakis | Natural Spice Co

As a straight-talkin' Health Coach, it's time for you to WISE UP to the health implications and the broader environmental impacts, from the food you're eating today. 

Which is why I’m so damn passionate about being the Founder of Natural Spice Co.  - an Ethical, Healthy & Better-For-You brand of food seasonings - with NO CRAPOLA!  A good, clean Australian-Made product sourcing only quality ingredients.

As the year 2020 brought a new normal with the pandemic and lockdowns that followed, people ARE becoming more adventurous in their kitchens. 

People confined to their homes are looking for NEW ways to improve their health and explore foods with texture and taste.

Check out what raving customers are saying about our flavours:

“I train at the gym so they are perfect to add flavour to my chicken breasts and turkey tenderloins diet.” - John T

“Such a great genuine taste.  My boys loved them, especially the Classic and Mediterranean spice blends.” - Jan R

“I’m impressed by the natural spices. It made our dinner party a huge hit with our guests and was little effort for me.” - Carmel L

Natural Spice Co., food seasonings truly are above everything else.  The good news is you don't need to be a qualified Chef to cook with them.   All you need is a passion for good food and zest for a healthy life.  

Range of flavours natural spice co

WARNING:  We're not for EVERYONE.  We're for the HEALTH CONSCIOUS FOODIE who respects quality in food and loves great taste!

Here Are 9 (nine) Reasons Why You Need Us In Your Kitchen.

  1. Backed by a HEALTH COACH: Without good health, you’re limited. Period.  Eat clean with peace of mind knowing you are making a "conscious" HEALTHY CHOICE for yourself & family. 

  2. We are 100% Natural, Gluten Free and with NO volume fillers, NO anti-caking agents, NO MSG and NO dairy which can cause you to become fat and/or sick.

  3. FUEL your body with a high-protein diet. Why?  To keep the muscle mass that you do have which helps you burn calories.

  4. Gym Junkie?  We have you covered.  Perfect for post-workout high protein meals.  No more just boring chicken and broccoli. Shake our flavours onto your turkey, chicken breasts, veggies & salad to help you stay in shape.

  5. Our flavours are made with Heart.  Taste them and you will see the difference... they're so damn tasty!

  6. Real food. Yes, we are REAL food.

  7. Our range is so versatile! Our flavours can be used on meat, chicken, fish, seafood, soups, frittatas, quiches, patties, fritters, pastas, veggies and salads - just about anything for indoor and outdoor BBQ Cooking.

  8. We Save You Time – no more having to figure out what to cook all the time. Your choices are quick and endless. 

  9. We Save You Money - no more need to order Uber Eats.  You can now cook at home with our range of flavours which come in LARGE Jars and flavour concentrated - so you get great value giving you more bang for your buck!

We're just Better-For-You!

So make the choice today to be a healthier YOU.

Thanks again - reach out if you have any questions.

I’d love to hear from you!

- Ireene 

PS: Ensure you jump onto our VIP list.  This is where we’ll bring to you quick n' easy Weekly Recipes for indoor and outdoor bbq cooking…. plus where you get all the VIP ⚡️ FLASH SALE discounts!

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Your purchase of Natural Spice Co Spice Blends supports our small business. We hope you will love your spices as much as we love making them.  If not, simply contact us at or call 1300 88 50 18 and we'll do everything we can to make it right.


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